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Tremendous Opportunities Await at the Minnesota Holstein Association Fall Harvest Sale

Tremendous opportunities are coming to the Minnesota Holstein Association Annual Fall Harvest Sale which will be held on November 17, 2018 at the McLeod County Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, Minn., at 11 a.m. The sale will feature about 100 lots that will fit the needs of a variety of breeders. The Minnesota Holstein Association is managing the sale, and online bidding will be available at www.cowbuyer.com. A preview of some of the sale highlights includes:

Circle-Drive Damion Gidget-EX-93 3E

  • From Circle-Drive Holsteins: Take your pick of full sisters from the lovely Circle-Drive Damion Gidget-EX-93 3E. Selling are two Aftershock daughters, one already EX-91, the other VG-88. Both complete 11 generations of VG or EX.

Lindenright Goldwyn Adore-ET-EX-94 4E

  • From Royal-Ridge: From the beautiful Lindenright Goldwyn Adore-ET-EX-94 4E sells a fresh two-year-old Durham. This is becoming a very popular family and here is your chance to own a daughter of the legendary Durham.

Circle-Drive Braxton Girl-EX-93

  • From Circle-Drive Holsteins: Circle-Drive Braxton Girl-EX-93’s very stylish Atwood daughter sells springing to sexed Solomon. She’s bred to be a great young cow with a long pedigree full of VG and EX dams.

Platte-Vu Advent Sara-Red-EX-94 3E

  • From Kara-Kesh: Two descendants of Platte-Vu Advent Sara-Red-EX-94 3E sell. A GP-84 Apple Jax sells fresh with her second calf and needs to see a classifier. She is RC and polled. The second dam is a Red Moses looking to go VG and is fresh with her second calf.


  • From Kevin Shafer: A VG-85 Airlift granddaughter of Regancrest-BP Olvr Tab-ET-EX-92 2E sells fresh and ready for more points. A beautiful young cow with a deep pedigree going back to the rock solid Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 2E.


  • From Bernie Schmitz: A powerful young Ladd-P two-year-old cow sells fresh from this recently scored EX-90 Atwood. Backed by four more VG and EX dams, she completes a really nice pedigree to breed from.

Ms Angelinas Super Ava-ET-EX-93 4E

  • From Royal-Ridge: A big, massive springing Malone sells from Ms Angelinas Super Ava-ET-EX-93 4E, bred to Absolute. A huge pedigree with KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96 3E as the 3rd Dam.

The Fifth Annual Fall Harvest Raffle will also be held in conjunction with the sale. The grand prize for the raffle will be a choice of the four unique, young females with tremendous potential and $500, or $2,000 cash.

The four choices for the raffle include:

Lida-Acres Cousteau April-EX-93 3E

  • From Lida-Acres Holsteins: An extremely pretty Archrival fall calf from Lida-Acres Cousteau April-EX-93 3E sells. A proven show-winning family that is stamping out the show style, winning kind. Truly a one of a kind opportunity.

Goldfawn Vin Renee-Red-VG-85

  • From Mat-Ar-Dor Holsteins: A fabulous uddered By-Way two-year-old cow as a potential 11th generation VG or EX. Her Dam is a VG-89 Acme with Goldfawn Vin Renee-Red-VG-85 as the 4th Dam. Her pedigree goes all the way back to WDE Champ, Stelbro Renita Ranger-Red!

Larcrest Cosmopolitan-VG-87

  • From Larcrest: A Guarantee daughter that is NM +$882 and GTPI +2718 sells from a Jedi dam. Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 is the 4th dam of this lovely heifer from a big-time, money-making family.

Hollermann Josuper 194y

  • From Hollermann Family Dairy: A Dynasty heifer with NM +$898 and +90F sells from a Josuper that is +2216M. This family has produced many money-making individuals. Here’s your chance to get in on it.

Tickets are $100 and are available from the Minnesota Holstein Association office by calling (320)-259-0637 or emailing minnesotaholstein@gmail.com. Only 200 tickets will be sold! Other Raffle prizes include:

  • 2nd Place: $1500 Cash
  • 3rd Place: $1000 credit off retail price MN Select Sires
  • 4th Place: $1000 Cash
  • 5th Place: $750 certificate towards ads in Midwest Holsteins
  • 6th Place: Canvas Giclee “Pride N Joy” by Bonnie Mohr
  • 7th Place: $500 Cash
  • 8th Place: 1 night stay & 2 banquet tickets to MN All Breeds Convention
  • 9th Place: $300 Cash
  • 10th Place: $250 Cash

The sale catalog will be available at the link below:

You can see the added lots that aren’t in the catalog by clicking here

You can see the update sheet with updated information to catalog by clicking here.

You can see the sale order by clicking here.


The Sale Chairman is Tracy Schaefer and he can be reached at (320)-360-5188. The list of additional sale staff is below:

Jeremy Schafer, Auctioneer…………………….651-380-2968
Steve Searles, Pedigrees ………………………507-261-3062
Scott Courtney, Ringman……………………….563-380-1318
Andy Steinhagen, Ringman…………………….612-581-7523
Russ Thyen, Ringman……………………………320-583-8049
Jim Vierhout, Ringman…………………………..712-439-2932
Tracy Schaefer, Chairman………………………320-360-5188
Matt Timmer, Co-Chair…………………………..507-360-8199
Ted Norling, Co-Chair……………………………605-957-5376


The Minnesota Holstein Association was organized in 1910 for the purpose of improving and promoting the Holstein breed of dairy cattle. Today the MHA consists of about 800 members and is open to all persons interested in Holstein cattle. The South Dakota Holstein Association recently joined Minnesota Holstein and they have the same membership privileges. Some of the activities that the Minnesota Holstein Association organizes each year include breeders seminars, field days, state sales and the Minnesota State Holstein Show. Members of the Minnesota Holstein Association also receive the Minnesota Holstein News publication four times per year. The mission of the Minnesota Holstein Association is “To enhance the lives and profitability of all dairy producers and enthusiasts by providing opportunities for education, marketing, recognition and socialization.” To learn more about the Minnesota Holstein Association visit www.mnholstein.com or call (320)-360-5188.