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Breeder Seminars

Make sure to join us at one of the locations below to hear from this year’s speaker, Andrew Hunt. The cost to attend is $15 which includes your meal. Having grown up on a rural dairy farm in southern Ontario, Andrew learned early in life the value of community and a hard day’s work. Leveraging that experience and work ethic, Andrew started his own Animal Genetics marketing company that launched some of the most engaging and innovative campaigns. Broadening his horizons brought Andrew to the world of corporate leadership, sales and marketing where he helped many fortune 500 companies increase performance. Andrew truly is a world leader. Wanting to return to his passion, Andrew started the Bullvine that has grown into the largest online dairy publication in the world. With over 75,000 subscribers The Bullvine covers topics from dairy management, genetics and other related industry subjects. Andrew may also be recognized by many for his presence around
the world at the top shows as one of the worlds top show ring photographers.

  • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4: 12:00 noon, Coburn’s, Isanti, Minn.,
  • MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4: 7:00 p.m., Charlie’s Cafe, Freeport, Minn.
  • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5: 12:00 noon, Pizza Ranch, Wadena, Minn.
  • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5: 7:30 p.m., Pizza Ranch, Pipestone, Minn.
  • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6: 12:00 noon, Pizza Ranch, Stewartville, Minn.
  • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6: 7:30 p.m., Hillcrest Café, Norwood, Minn.

*Cost is $15 per person to cover the meal and expenses.