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Sign-up for the Golden Gopher Futurity

The Golden Gopher Futurity Program is an exciting program in Minnesota Holstein that many of you may not know about.

Minnesota Futurity Facts:

  • The more entries the higher the payouts, down 25 places.
  • There are two classes; Production & Type. You can choose one or both when entering.
  • The production formula used is on 305 ME’s.
  • Past 1st-3rd place winners in production have ranged from values of $4,469 to $3,243.
  • Production Formula : (# of Milk x .01) + (# of Fat x 1.15) + (# of Protein x 2.55) = S Value

How to Enter:

  • Look at your animals that were born between September 1st of the previous year to August 31st of the current year.
  • Choose any animal that you believe has the potential of doing well in their class.
  • Futurity Classes:
  • Production – awards handed out at the All-Breeds Convention
  • Type – awards are handed out at the Minnesota State Holstein Show
  • Both- all animals are eligible to be entered in both classes
  • Fill out this form before March 7, 2020.