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New Holstein USA Regional Representative to Serve Minnesota

Join us in welcoming Dave Lemke as a new Holstein Association USA Regional Sales Representative in Minnesota. Dave recently joined the team at Holstein USA after many years as a dairy farmer himself. Located out of Wadena, Minnesota, Dave is eager to serve dairy farmers in his home state.

“I’ll looking forward to meeting the people in Minnesota I haven’t met yet,” Dave shares. “I love working with cows and trying to make them better through tools like registration and classification.”

After graduating from high school, Dave attended Dairy Herd Management School in Hutchinson, Minnesota. After this, he began his career as a dairy farmer with a herd of Jersey cows. After farming for nearly ten years, Dave took a different career route for many years. He started milking again in 2009, this time with a herd of Holstein cows. Dave worked with long-time Holstein USA National Sales Manager Steve Peterson to get his grade herd registered and began using programs and services from Holstein USA.

“The first time we classified we had a BAA of around 100, and the last time we were at 110.8, so we made some improvements,” Dave says.

While dairy farming, Dave says used several programs and services from Holstein USA, including Holstein COMPLETE, Easy ID, ear tags and Holstein Marketplace Sires. He’s excited to share his knowledge on these programs as he travels throughout the state.

“Holsteins have provided enjoyment for me for 15 years… and now it’s time to give back,” Dave shares.

Dave is on the road finishing his training and starting to visit farms in Minnesota. He looks forward to meeting and working with each of you, and if you need him in the meantime, please contact him at 218.640.6344 or dlemke@holstein.com.

Dennis Devore will continue to serve parts of Minnesota as well, including the Metro area and Northeastern Minnesota. Dennis can be reached at 319.270.5038 or ddevore@holstein.com.

Counties in red will be served by Dave Lemke and those in blue will be served by Dennis Devore.