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Minnesota Spring Sale Update

Greetings from the Minnesota Holstein Association,

It is no secret that the declining conditions of the dairy industry have left their mark. Milk prices and rising expenses continue to bring challenges across the board. The 2017 Fall Sale experienced those challenges as well. With lower cattle numbers and rising costs to put on the sale, it was not as profitable for the organization as it has been in the past.

It is with a heavy heart that we would like to make you aware that our organization has decided to cancel the 2018 Spring Sale in Rochester, Minnesota. We, as an organization, still feel strongly that our sales offer a service and value to our members that go beyond the bottom line. Farmers are naturally resilient when facing adversity. With that being said, the Minnesota Holstein Association plans to move forward with the planning process for the 2018 Fall Harvest Sale and hope you will join us at that time as our breeders showcase their premier cattle.

In the meantime, we want remind you that we offer opportunities to advertise your genetics through our publications, social media, and the website. Please contact our Marketing Manager, Chelsey Asche, at mnholsteinmarketing@gmail.com to explore these opportunities. We have greatly appreciated your support in the past and look forward to seeing you in the Fall.


John VanderWal

President Minnesota Holstein Association