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Golden Gopher Futurity XLVIV Entries Open

Entries are now open for the Golden Gopher Futurity XLVIV. See the details below on how to enter:

This will be a continuing program with the 2024 competition designated as Futurity No. XLVIV. One nomination is required for each animal that competes. New this year, competition will be in one category – type only. The production futurity will no longer be continued. Last applicants will be awarded in 2025. All nominations are the responsibility of the owner and must be made on regulation entry blanks, along with specified fees, postmarked by the nomination date and other rules. All money received from the nominations in the Futurity class shall make up the purse entered on the basis of their placings.

Any registered Holstein female, owned by a Minnesota Holstein Association member, and born from 9/01/22 through 8/31/23 is eligible for Golden Gopher Futurity XLVIV. One payment of $25 shall be paid by 12/1/23.

A breeder may nominate any number of females in the type futurity. Nominations must be postmarked no later than the due date.


Animals nominated will be shown in a special two-year old futurity class at the Minnesota State Show, winners and awards to be based on the placing at that show. Showing in this class does not eliminate her from showing in the All-Minnesota two-year old classes. All rules and regulations of the show are to be adhered to. Placings will be made by an official show judge. The purse shall consist of all money received by nomination fees, less the expenses for its promotion and management. All money will be kept in a special fund and used only for futurity purposes. Money received for Type nominations will be used only for those animals entered in that class. The money in this class will be divided among placings as follow:

First Place – 15 %; 2nd Place – 10%; 3rd Place – 8%; 4th Place – 6%; 5th Place 5%; 6-10 Placings – 4%; 11-15 Placings – 3%; 16-25 Placings – 2%. Remaining 1% to be used for administration fees. 

If fewer than 25 animals are competing, the remainder will be divided equally among the entries.  

All nomination fees are committed to the purse. No refunds will be made whether an animal completes or eligibility is discontinued. 

Any animal sold after being nominated will remain eligible if the new owner is a Minnesota Holstein member.

The Minnesota Holstein Association is sponsoring and governing the futurity and will not be responsible for any accident or injury in connection with the show.

How to Enter:

Look at your animals that were born between September 1st of the previous year through August 31st of the current year.

Choose any animal that you believe has the potential of doing well in their class. 

Fill out the form below prior to December 1, 2023.