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Ever-Green-View My Gold-ET Sets National Milk Production Record

BRATTLEBORO, Vt., January 27, 2017- Ever-Green-View My Gold-ET has set a new single-lactation national milk production record. My Gold-ET, bred and owned by the Kestell family’s Ever-Green-View Holsteins in Waldo, Wis., calved at four years and three months, and set a 365-day record of 77,480 pounds of milk, with 1,992 pounds of fat and 2,055 pounds of protein.
Her production breaks the record set by Bur-Wall Buckeye Gigi, owned by Behnke family, Brooklyn, Wis., in 2015, of 74,650 pounds of milk in 365 days.

“My Gold-ET is an excellent example of what a Registered Holstein®cow can accomplish when excellent genetics, care, and management are combined. This cow excels in both production and type,” said John Meyer, Chief Executive Officer, Holstein Association USA, Inc.

CEO Meyer continued, “When you see these two things blend together the way they do with My Gold-ET, it is no mystery why Holsteins are far and away the world’s most popular dairy breed. The Kestell family and this wonderful cow are to be commended for their accomplishment.”

By comparison, the actual production average for all U.S. Holstein herds enrolled in production-testing programs in 2015 was 24,958 pounds of milk, 920 pounds of butterfat and 710 pounds of protein.

Five-year-old My Gold-ET, who is scored EX-93, EX-95 udder, is sired by Braedale Goldwyn. Her extraordinary record is supported by several generations of remarkable performances. Her dam, Ever-Green-View My 1326-ET, held the national single-lactation milk production record from 2010 to 2015. My 1326-ET is sired by Stouder Morty-ET. Behind that is a VG-85 GMD Ricecrest Lantz-ET daughter, and then Ever-Green-View Elsie-ET (by Emprise Bell Elton), scored EX-92 2E GMD DOM, who has a best record at 4-09 of 52,580 pounds of milk, with 4.4 percent fat and 3.3 percent protein.

“My Gold-ET is an exceptional milk cow that comes from a line of strong genetics. When we produce offspring we never plan on setting another record. Setting a record while surpassing her dam is amazing to me. There is no doubt in my mind that genetics play a role,” explains Tom Kestell.

Kestell says that they have been working with this cow family for over 30 years, and have several offspring on their farm. My Gold-ET is the seventh generation to carry the Ever-Green-View prefix. They have marketed many members of this family that have gone on to do well for others, carrying on the family tradition of excelling in both type and production. Six out of the eight age divisions of milk production records for 2016 are held by Ever-Green-View Holsteins.

Ever-Green-View Holsteins is owned by Tom and Gin Kestell. They milk 94 cows with a BAA of 111.4 percent, and all but three cows are Excellent in the udder. Ever-Green-View’s Rolling Herd Average is 44,122 pounds of milk, 1,680 pounds of fat, and 1,362 pounds of protein.