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Entries Open for Golden Gopher Futurity XLVII

The Golden Gopher Futurity is sponsored and governed by the Minnesota Holstein Association. Its purpose is to stimulate interest in breeding and developing outstanding Holsteins for production and type regardless of individual herd size. It is open to any Minnesota breeder of Holsteins identified through Holstein Association USA, Inc.

This will be a continuing program with the 2022 competition designated as Futurity No. XLVII, 2023 Futurity No. XLVIII, etc. One nomination is required for each animal that competes. Competition will be in two categories – production or type – and animals may be entered in one or both categories. All nominations are the responsibility of the owner and must be made on regulation entry blanks, along with specified fees, postmarked by the nomination date and other rules. All money received from the nominations in each Futurity class shall make up the purse entered on the basis of their placings.

Any registered Holstein female, owned by a Minnesota Holstein Association member, and born from 9/01/20 through 8/31/21 is eligible for Golden Gopher Futurity XLVII. One payment of $25 shall be paid by 1/15/22.

A breeder may nominate any number of females in either the production or type class or both. Nominations must be postmarked no later than the due date.

Golden Gopher Futurity XLVII Entry Form:

Golden Gopher Futurity XLVII Entry Form

Entries are due to the MHA Office by January 15, 2022.


Futurity XLV Winners:

1. Mat-Ar-Dor Awesome Rosy-Red (Awesome-Red), Jacob & Aiden Timmer, 1st B&O
2. Xcaret GC Aunya (Gold Chip), Tim Hoese & Kate Heeren
3. Mat-Ar-Dor Solomon Annabell (Solomon), Jacob & Aiden Timmer & Andrew Zylstra