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District 7 Holstein Show Results (Anoka, MN)

The District 7 Holstein Show was held on July 14th, 2018 in Anoka, Minn., at the Anoka County Fairgrounds. Barry Visser was the judge for the day.

Junior Champion went to Willows-Edge Def Malia exhibited by Sarah Beck and Reserve Junior Champion went to KEST Unix 1787 exhibited by Maya Owens. Senior Champion went to Ju-Lar Atwood Cyclone, exhibited by Ethan Lindahl and Reserve Senior Champion went to Ju-Lar Aftshock Billie-Jean exhibited by Maddie Lindahl. Honorable Mention Senior Champion was awarded to Boxelder-Bend Palermo Zelda exhibited by Boxelder-Bend.

Ju-Lar Doorman Penny exhibited by Alexa Lindahl was named the Intermediate Champion and Boxelder-Bend SachoRC exhibited by Boxelder-Bend received Reserve Intermediate Champion honors.

Judge Visser named Ju-Lar Atwood Cyclone exhibited by Ethan Lindahl as his Grand Champion, Best Udder, and Best Bred and Owned and Ju-Lar Doorman Penny exhibited by Alexa Lindahl as his Reserve Grand Champion. Grand Champion Milk Production was awarded to Boxelder-Bend Wilrock Y772R exhibited by Boxelder-Bend.

Boxelder-Bend was named the Premier Exhibitor and Ju-Lar Farms was named Premier Breeder. Top Junior Girl Exhibitor was awarded to Alexa Lindahl and Top Junior Boy Exhibitor was awarded to Carter Herbst.

Junior Heifer Calf (6):
1) Ju-Lar Gold Chip Primrose S. Gold Chip E. Alexa Lindahl 2)Ms Can Add Caden-RED-ET S. Addiction-P-Red E. K&R Hyovalti 3)Ms Can Add Caitlyn-RED-ET S.Addiction-P-Red E. K&R Hyovalti 4)Sonnek King Doc Nemesis S. Woodcrest King Doc E. Kaitlyn Byker, JR 5) Ms Can Add Chanel-RED-ET S.Addiction-P-Red E. K&R Hyovalti 6)Ms Can Add Camaro-ET S.Addiction-P-Red E. K&R Hyovalti

Winter Heifer Calf (9):
1)Ju-Lar Go Dreams Isometric S. Golden Dreams E. Ethan Lindahl 2)Sonnek Octane Myl S. High Octane E. Kaitlyn Byker 3)Sonnek King Boy Mosie S. Kingboy E.Lilly Hoeft 4)Chi-Lakes Kingboy Madison S. Morningview MCC Kingboy 5)Sonnek Crush Nala S. Maverick Crush E.Carley Hackett 6)Brittany S.Aot Silver Had Me-ET E. Jed Lilienthal 7) Sonnek Cotton Malia S.Cotton E.Taylor DeVries 8)1795-Willow S.Solomon E.Austin Buehring 9)1791-Darla S.Solomon E.Zoey Buehring

Fall Heifer Calf (7):
1)Ju-Lar Diamondback Lady S.Diamondback E.Alexa Lindahl 2)Ju-Lar Dempsey Bianca S.Lirr Drew Dempsey E.Isaac Lindahl 3)Sonnek Meridian McKenna-ET S.Meridian E.Lilly Hoeft 4)Sonnek Callen Mitzi S.Callen E.Kaitlyn Byker 5)Willows-Edge Doorman Impres S.Doorman E.Chi-Lakes Holsteins 6)Ju-Lar Saloon Brocade S.Saloon E.Isabelle Lindahl 7)1765-Dede S.Doorman E.Zoey Buehring

Summer Yearling Heifer (2):
1)Wake-Up Solo Rylee 4017-ET S.Solomon E. Abby Foss, 2)Sonnek McMuffin-ET S.McCutchen E.Avery Herbst
Junior Yearling Heifer (5):
1)Indianhead A Perfection S.Attic E.Chi-Lakes Holsteins 2)Sonnek MC Monster S.McCutchen 1174-ET E.Carter Herbst 3)How-El-Acres Atwood Moolah S.Atwood-ET E.Keith Hyovalti 4)Hy-Knob MVP Josilyn-RC S.MVP E.Keith Hyovalti 5)KEST Commander 1804 S.Commander E.Maya Owens

Winter Yearling Heifer (2):
1)KEST Unix 1787 S.Unix E.Maya Owens 2)Ju-Lar Redburst Wonder-RED S.Redburst-RED E.Ethan Lindahl

Fall Yearling Heifer (2):
1) Willows-Edge Def Malia S.Defiant E.Sarah Beck 2)Ju-Lar Solomon Beep S.Solomon E.Isaac Lindahl

Junior and Reserve Junior Champion District 7


Junior Champion – Willows-Edge Def Malia, Exhibited by Sarah Beck
Junior Reserve Champion – KEST Unix 1787, Exhibited by Maya Owens
Honorable Mention Junior Champion – Ju-Lar Go Dreams Isometric, Exhibited by Ethan Lindahl

Junior Best Three Females (3):
1) Lindahl Farms 2)Sonnek Farms 3)Hyovalti, Buehring, Knutson & Sauber

Junior Two-Year Old in Milk (1):
1) Ju-Lar Doorman Penny S.Doorman E. Alexa Lindahl

Senior Two-Year Old in Milk (1):
1)Sonnek Gold Chip Kassie S.Gold Chip E.Carter Herbst

Junior Three-Year Old in Milk (1):
1)Boxelder-Bend Sacho-RC S.Sacho E.Boxelder-Bend

Senior Three-Year Old in Milk (2):
1)Watertown Sabathia Shania S.Sabathia E.Sara Sontag 2)Sonnek Atwood Kathleen S.Atwood E.Carter Herbst

Intermediate and Reserve Intermediate Champion District 7


Intermediate Champion – Ju-Lar Doorman Penny, Exhibited by Alexa Lindahl
Reserve Intermediate Champion- Boxelder-Bend SachoRC, Exhibited by Boxelder-Bend

Four-Year Old in Milk (2):
1)Ju-Lar Aftshock Billie-Jean S.Aftershock E.Maddie Lindahl 2)Macey S.Laser E.Dalton Lilienthal

Five-Year Old in Milk (4):
1)Boxelder-Bend Palermo Zelda S.Palermo E.Boxelder Bend 2)Ju-Lar Acme Marilyn S.Acme E.Isabelle Lindahl 3)Boxelder-Bend Wilrock Y772R S.Willrock E.Boxelder Bend 4)KEST Ladd Hasassah-ET S.LADD P-Red E.Jedidiah Lilienthal

Aged Cow in Milk (1):
1) Ju-Lar Atwood Cyclone S.Atwood E.Ethan Lindahl

Senior and Reserve Senior Champion District 7


Senior Champion – Ju-Lar Atwood Cyclone, Exhibited by Ethan Lindahl
Reserve Senior Champion – Ju-Lar Aftshock Billie-Jean, Exhibited by Maddie Lindahl
Honorable Mention Senior Champion – Boxelder-Bend Palermo Zelda, Exhibited by Boxelder-Bend


Grand and Reserve Champion District 7


Grand Champion – Ju-Lar Atwood Cyclone, Exhibited by Ethan Lindahl
Reserve Grand Champion – Ju-Lar Doorman Penny, Exhibited by Alexa Lindahl

Best Udder of Show – Ju-Lar Atwood Cyclone, Exhibited by Ethan Lindahl
Top Bred and Owned – Ju-Lar Atwood Cyclone, Exhibited by Ethan Lindahl
Milk Production Champion – Boxelder-Bend Wilrock Y772R, Exhibited by Boxelder-Bend

Best Three Females (2):
1)Lindahl Farms 2)Boxelder Bend

Produce of Dam (2):
1)Sonnek Farms Sonnek Damion Charlie-ET 2)Hyovalti, Buehring, Knutson & Sauber Indianhead Rdnk Cantina-Red

Daughter and Dam (1):
1) Lindahl Farms

Junior exhibitor’s showmanship: Exhibitors 14 years of age and under as of Jan. 1, 2018
1)Alexa Lindahl 2)Lilly Hoeft

Senior exhibitor showmanship: Exhibitors ages 15-21 as of Jan. 1, 2018
1) Abby Foss 2)Ethan Lindahl 3)Isabelle Lindahl 4)Carter Herbst 5)Avery Herbst
7) Maya Owens 8)- Kevin Nephew 9)Isaac Lindahl

Top Junior Girl Exhibitor – Alexa Lindahl
Top Junior Boy Exhibitor – Carter Herbst
Premier Exhibitor – Boxelder-Bend
Premier Breeder – Ju-Lar Farms