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District 6 Holstein Show (Cannon Falls, MN)

On July 3rd, 2017 the District 6 Holstein Show was held at the Cannon Valley Fairgrounds. David Hanson was the judge for the day. Junior Champion was awarded to Nivek GC Sassy, exhibited by Jeremy Schafer. Reserve Junior Champion was awarded to Indianhead Brady Aura-ET,
exhibited by Norimar Farms.

Senior and Grand Champion went to Platte-Vu Alex Winnie-ET, exhibited by Jeremy Schafer. Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion went to SDDotte Ladd Sadie 3975-Red, exhibited by Square Deal Dairy. 

Show results are listed below.

Spring Calf: 

1)Loan-Oak-Acres A Energy-ET S: MS Atlees Sht Aftershock-ET E: Jordyn Dingels 2) Simple-Dreams 4213 R319 S: Fairmont Stoic Ragen E: Clemenson Farms 3) Norimar Alex Bella S: Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET E: Regan Nordling 4) Norimar Chelios Flake S: Domicole Chelios E: Norimar Farms      5) Mahoney Andres Molly S: Sheeknoll Door Andres E: Lily Nygaard 6) MRH Puzzle Bonnie S: Weigeline observe Puzzle-ET E: Arnie Mlsna

Winter Calf:

1)Cin-Ray Bryant Brooke S:Wa-Del Bryant-ET E: Mara Hallcock 2) Manannah-Valley Lady-Red S: Tiger-Lily Ladd P-Red-ET E: Clemenson Farms 3)Oak-Ridge-K Awesome Pandora S: Luck-E Awesome-Red E: Arnie Mlsna

Fall Calf:

1)Nivek GC Sassy S: Mr Chassity Gold Chip-ET E: Jeremy Schafer 2) Mahoney Ave Adore-Red-ET S:Dymentholm Mr Apples Avalanche E: Apple Acres 3) Castle-Vu Monterey Eloise S:View-Home Monterey-ET E:Mara Hallcock 4) Mahoney Diamond Dazzle-ET S: Mr D Apple Diamondback E: Apple Acres

Summer Yearling:

1)Indianhead Brady Aura-ET S:Butz-Butler Atwood Brady-ET E:Norimar Farms 2) Indianhead Awesome-ET S: Walnutlawn Soloman-ET E: Taylor Jerde 3) Willows-Edge BW Marker S: Hylite Barbwire-Red-ET E: Apple Acres 4) Clemenson Fernando Zella S: Lexvold Oak Fernando E: Clemenson Farms 5) Willows-Edge Sid Mutual S: Pine-Tree Sid-ET E: Norimar Farms 6) Willows-Edge Sid Praise S: Pine-Tree Sid E: Square Deal Dairy

Spring Yearling: 

1)Indianhead Modius Atlantis S: Broeks Modious-ET E: Taylor Jerde 2)MRH Lenox Belle S:Fairmont Kristoff Lenox-ET E:Arnie Mlsna 3) Macland Brady Gabby S:Butz-Butler Atwood Brady-ET E:Apple Acres 4) Damhof Merrick Durham S:Pen-Col Merrick E: Clemenson Farms

Winter Yearling: 

1)MRH Carson Candy-Red S:MD-Valley VUE Carson-Red-ET E:Arnie Mlsna 2)Clemenson Fernando-Rose S: Lexvold Oak Fernando E: Clemenson Farms

Fall Yearling:

1)Lone-Oak-Acres B Elberta-ET S:Regancrest Baltimore-ET E: Taylor Jerde 2)MRH Lowery Bubbles-Red S:Tiger-Lily DK Lowery-Red-ET E:Arnie Mlsna

Junior Champion: Nivek GC Sassy, exhibited by Jeremy Schafer

Reserve Junior Champion: Indianhead Brady Aura-ET, exhibited by Norimar Farms

Two-Year-Old in Milk:

1)SDDotte Ladd Sadie 3975-Red S:Tiger-Lily Ladd P-Red-ET E: Square Deal Dairy 2)Hup-Bro Hitman Sweet-Red S:Crescentmead Hitman-Red E: Square Deal Dairy

Three-Year-Old in Milk:

1)Platte-Vu Alex Winnie-ET S: Golden-Oaks ST Alexander-ET E: Jeremy Schafer 2)Holmacres Bellmont Sally S:Hardys Bellmont-ET E:Holmacres 3)Rostads Absol Mara-Red-ET S:Apples Absolute-Red-ET E:Bradley Rostad 4) SDDotte Burst Butternut-Red S: Lookout P Redburst-Red-ET E: Square Deal Dairy

Four-Year-Old in Milk: 

1)SDDotte Starburst 3466-Red S: Lookout P Redburst-Red E: Square Deal Dairy

Five-Year-Old in Milk: 

1)RSC-CH Cont Maia-Red S: Patience Sholine Contender-Red E: Bradley Rostad

Aged Cow:

1)SDDotte Pic Twig 3026-Red S:La Presentation Picolo-Red-ET E: Square Deal Dairy

Senior Champion: Platte-Vu Alex Winnie-ET, exhibited by Jeremy Schafer

Reserve Senior Champion: SDDotte Ladd Sadie 3975-Red, exhibited by Square Deal Dairy

Grand Champion and Best Udder: Platte-Vu Alex Winnie-ET, exhibited by Jeremy Schafer

Reserve Grand Champion: SDDotte Ladd Sadie 3975-Red, exhibited by Square Deal Dairy 

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor went to Square Deal Dairy.