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Congratulations to 40- and 50-Year Members of Holstein USA

Earlier this month, Holstein Association USA shared their list of 40-and 50-year members. Four members from Minnesota and one member from South Dakota are celebrating their 50th year of membership with Holstein Association USA. Seven members from Minnesota are celebrating their 40th year of membership. The members celebrating these milestone anniversaries are listed below. We would like to congratulate all of these members as they celebrate their membership anniversaries. To see a complete list of 40-year members, click here and to view a complete list of 50-year members, click here.

  • 50-Year Members
    • Lawrence J. Fischbach, SD
    • R. David Larson, MN
    • Normen Peterson, MN
    • John R. Schroeder, MN
    • Kerwin L. Siewert, MN
  • 40-Year Members
    • Belter Farms, Inc., MN
    • Larry J. Dreier, MN
    • Richard L. Hoen, MN
    • Jeannette Hupf-Sheehan, MN
    • Gerard J. Jennissen, MN
    • Sapa Ska Farm Inc., MN
    • Stelling Farms Inc., MN