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2018 MJHA All-Breeds Convention

   The 2018 Minnesota Junior All-Breeds Convention took place March 23rd-25th at the Best Western in Mankato, Minn. This convention is held for juniors under the age of 21 who are passionate about the dairy community and the dairy cow. It was a great chance to meet new people throughout the state that share a common interest. Youth dairy enthusiasts from across the state of Minnesota gathered on Friday, March 23rd for the opening convention—themed as “Who Let the Cows Out?” After dinner, activities such as mixers and fun icebreakers were enjoyed by all, followed by the dairy knowledge bowl test.

 Saturday, March 24th was a busy day filled with contests, tours, the annual awards banquet, and a dance.  Juniors started the day by eating breakfast and competing in contests such as dairy jeopardy, dairy quiz bowl, and a prepared public speaking contest. This was a chance for members to present their knowledge of the dairy industry. The juniors then enjoyed a luncheon followed by a tour of Ruth Klossner’s Cow Collection Mooseum in Lafayette, Minn. Ruth is recognized in the 2015 Guinness World Record book for having over 17,800 cow pieces! Juniors also had the privilege of touring Forest-Lawn Holsteins owned and operated by Paul and Cindy Swenson of Nicollett, Minn. The juniors learned about embryo transfer, robotic milkers, automatic calf feeders, and had a chance to see some of the show animals on the farm. Forest-Lawn Holsteins is the oldest registered herd in the state and the oldest continuous registered herd in the country.

 Later that evening, members dressed up for the annual awards banquet with keynote speaker Shannon Seifert—an Industry Relations Manager at Midwest Dairy. She encouraged members to “Live life like you left the gate open.” They also heard remarks on advocating for the dairy industry from the 64th Princess Kay of the Milky Way, Emily Annexstad. The juniors were recognized for their hard work with the presentation of awards to the winning production records, dairy jeopardy participants, dairy knowledge bowl teams, and prepared public speaking winners. McKenzie Swanson was presented with the Young Distinguished Junior Member (YDJM) award; both Haely Leiding and Kayla Leiding were presented with the Distinguished Junior Member (DJM) award. Jan and Jerry Albrecht presented the YDJM and DJM awards which they have sponsored for many years. The night was capped off with juniors busting out their best moves on the dance floor.

 On Sunday, March 25th, the convention wrapped up with breakfast, the business meeting, election of new officers, door prizes, root beer floats, and county roll call. The 2018-2019 board was elected and is listed at left and in the picture blow. .

 The 2017-2018 board would like to thank all the juniors that attended convention and hope they had a fun-filled experience. The 2018-2019 board is excited to work as representatives of MJHA for the upcoming year. This year, the 2018 Minnesota State Show will be held in Jordan, MN on June 19-23. All juniors are encouraged to register to network with members who share a passion for the dairy community!

Contest Results:

Speaking Contest Junior:
2nd place: Adhyn Schell
1st place: Shelby Swanson

Speaking Contest Intermediate:
3rd place: Madison Krueger
2nd place: Ashley Gruenes
1st place: Anna Sachs

Speaking Contest Senior:
2nd place: Katherine Gathje
1st place: Shelby Kuechle

Quiz Bowl Juniors:

3rd place:Team Beans, which included Ella Bauer, Brooke Bauer, Clara Thompson, and Isaac Rott

2nd place: Stearns Burns which consisted of Hailey Frericks, Kallie Frericks, Megan Ratka, Maggie Molitor, and Taylor Fester

1st place: Cow Herd which consisted of Tyler Ratka, Breiana Maus, Henry, Elizabeth Thyen and Amanda Vogel

Quiz Bowl: Seniors

3rd place: OG’s who consisted of Jacob Pierson, Arnie Gruenes, Adam Scapanski, Lukas Pierson, Seth Pierson and Isaac Nelson

2nd place: Shark Pack who consisted of Chandler Kurth, Cory Schmidt, Shelby Kuechle and Ben Donnay

1st place: Las Vacas who was Leif Annexstad, Matthias Annexstad, Nick Seitzer, Madison Krueger and Katherine Gathje

Jeopardy Juniors:
3rd place: Larkun Kurth
2nd place: Shelby Swanson
1st place: Tyler Ratka

Jeopardy Intermediates:
3rd place: Adam Scapanski
2nd place: Isaac Nelson
1st place: Madison Krueger

Jeopardy Seniors: 
3rd place: Haely Leiding
2nd place: Lauren Hendel
1st place: Katherine Gathje