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2018 Midwest Fall National Highlights

The 2018 Midwest Fall National Show was held in conjunction with the Minnesota State Fair Open Show on Wednesday, August 29, 2018. The official judge for the show was Pat Conroy of Ind., Judge Conroy placed 109 heifers and 76 cows for a total of 185 head.

Of the 109 heifers that were shown in the morning, Judge Conroy selected the first place Spring Calf, Ocean-View Heaven Sent-ET (Corvette), exhibited by Ocean View Genetics (Wis.) as the Junior Champion of the show. Reserve Junior Champion honors were given to the first place Winter Calf, Pfaffsway Defiant Jen A (Defiant), exhibited by Kole & Beau Trapp, Olivia Pfaff and Fred Ullom (Wis.). Honorable Mention Junior Champion went to the second place Winter Calf, Intrigue Hypnotic Storm (Hypnotic) exhibited by Cory and Kendalyn Schmidt (Minn.).

The Intermediate Champion of the show was Lida-Acres Wood Andrea (Wood) the first place Senior Two-Year-Old cow, exhibited by Dana Johnson (Minn.). Reserve Intermediate Champion was the first place Senior Three-Year-Old Cow, Corlane Seaver Misty (Seaver), exhibited by Frank & Carol Borba and Frank and Diane Borba (Calif.). The first place Junior Two-Year-Old cow, Ju-Lar Doorman Penny (Doorman) exhibited by Lindahl Farms (Minn.) was named Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion.

Senior, Grand Champion and Best Udder honors were presented to Eastriver Goldwyn Deb 176, first place Four-Year-Old, exhibited by Andy Stuewe and Corey Feltmann (Minn.). Reserve Senior Champion and Honorable Mention Grand Champion went to the second place Four-Year-Old cow Lida-Acres Wood Scarlett (Wood) exhibited by Gregory Johnson (Minn.). Reserve Grand Champion went to Lida Acres Wood Andrea. The Honorable Mention Senior Champion was awarded to the first place Aged Cow, Liddleholm-Y H G Rae-ET (Goldwyn) exhibited by Arnold, Ashley, & Andrew Gruenes (Minn.).

A step out junior show was also held. For Junior Champion of the junior show judge Conroy selected the first place junior exhibitor Winter Calf, Pfaffsway Defiant Jen A (Defiant), exhibited by Kole & Beau Trapp, Oliva Pfaff and Fred Ullom (Wis.) and for Reserve the second place junior exhibitor Winter Calf, Intrigue Hypnotic Storm (Hypnotic) exhibited by Cory and Kendalyn Schmidt (Minn.). The first place junior exhibitor Fall Calf, Sunkist Mario Kiara (Mario), exhibited by Benjamin Donnay (Minn.) was named Honorable Mention Junior Champion.

Senior and Grand Champion of the Midwest Fall National Junior Show was awarded to the first place junior exhibitor Aged Cow, Liddleholm-Y H G Rae-ET exhibited by Arnold, Ashley, & Andrew Gruenes (Minn.). Reserve Senior and Grand Champion honors were awarded to the first place junior exhibitor Five-Year-Old Cow, Ms Stadview Atwood Felicia, exhibited by Dillon Gratz (Minn.). JK-Stranshome Defiant Sassy (Defiant), the third place Senior Two-Year-Old Cow exhibited by Stransky & Kietzman (Minn.) was named the Honorable Mention Senior and Grand Champion.

Thank you to all exhibitors for participating in the show, to all sponsors for sponsoring the awards and to all volunteers for helping the show run smoothly. We hope to see you all again next year!

Spring Heifer Calf (13)

  1. Ocean-View Heaven Sent-ET (Corvette), Ocean View Genetics, WI
  2. Xcaret Doorman Maui (Doorman), Tim Hoese and Kate & Cooper Heeren, MN
  3. Sco-Lo Avalanche Roll On-ET (Avalanche), Sprecher, Zapalac & Paulson, WI
  4. Pfaffsway Gold Chip Brew (Gold Chip), Kole & Beau Trapp and Olivia Pfaff, WI
  5. RBCC-Xtreme V Rainy Escape (Rainy), Rhett & Shanelle Borth, WI
  6. Oak-Ridge-K Solomon RJ (Solomon), Jim & Janet Kappers, MN
  7. Crisdhome Def Dancingqueen (Defiant), Jake Kruschke, WI
  8. Ms Fier-EP D-Back Bella-ET (Diamondback), Fier-View Holsteins and Russel & Heather Thyen, MN
  9. Demmers Lotus Emerald (Lotus), Demmer Farms, MN
  10. Windyspirit Airlift Sophia, Jacob Hornburg, MN

2018 Midwest Fall National Winter Calf Class Winners

Winter Calf (27)

  1. Pfaffsway Defiant Jen A (Defiant), Kole & Beau Trapp, Olivia Pfaff and Fred Ullom, WI
  2. Intrigue Hypnotic Storm (Hypnotic), Cory & Kendalyn Schmidt, MN
  3. Sheeknoll Doorman Abby-ET (Doorman), Robert, Kelly, Krista & Andrew Sheehan, MN
  4. Ocean-View Admire Me (Atwood), Ocean View Genetics, WI
  5. Stadview Esperanza Layla (Beemer), Peyton & Tanner Morrison, MN
  6. Glad-Ray-K CG Ballet (Capital Gain), Ava Kieffer, MN
  7. Fer-Crest Thunderstruck (Solomon), Rhett, Shanelle, Wyatt & Garett Borth, WI
  8. Ms Stranshome Gld Farrah-ET (Goldwyn), Stransky & Schmidt, MN
  9. Hoese Goldwyn Saylor-ET (Goldwyn), David & Maemie Hoese, MN
  10. Crisdhome Solomon Bosom (Solomon), Crisdhome Farm, Inc., WI
  11. Heatherstone Glitter-ET (Doorman), Heatherstone Enterprises, WI
  12. Demmers Defiant Magnolia (Defiant), Demmer Farms, MN
  13. Fier-View Doorman Libby-TW (Doorman), Fierview Holsteins,MN
  14. Desthaven-MH Golden D Miz (Golden Dreams), Steven, Debra, Danielle, & Patrick Heuer, MN
  15. T-Spruce Heztry 11646-ET (Heztry), Arnold, Ashley, and Andrew Gruenes, MN
  16. Stro-Lane Solomon Audo (Solomon), Cally Strobel, MN
  17. Demmers Dooman Tribute (Doorman), Demmer Farms, MN
  18. Willows-Edge Rain Careless (Barnie), Bonnie Van Dyk, MN
  19. Mat-Ar-Dor Solomon Stella (Solomon), Jacob & Aiden Timmer, MN
  20. Tomkins Alltheway Antigo (AllTheWay), Tomkin Farm, LLC, WI
  21. Bass-Val Doorman Journey (Doorman), Sykora Stanek, WI
  22. Fairmont-Re Avlnche Fate-ET, Christopher Knutson, IA
  23. Xcaret Solomon Adorabella (Solomon), Tim Hoese & Kate Heeren, MN
  24. Fairmont Octane Lavender (High Octane), Alexis Woeste, MN
  25. Mat-Art-Dor Beemer Kinsley (Beemer), Jacob & Aiden Timmer, MN
  26. MS Thorgyway Mogul Loveable (Mogul), Jenna Thorgerson, WI
  27. Win-Top Braxton Candy Cane (Braxton), Noah Wolle


2018 Midwest Fall National Fall Calf Class Winners

Fall Calf (19)

  1. Sunkist Mario Kiara (Mario), Benjamin Donnay, MN
  2. Wildpfaffs Luck Bea Lady-ET (High Octane), Kole & Beau Trapp and Olivia Pfaff, WI
  3. Budjon-Crave Summerfest-ET (Crush), Trevor Tuman & Chandler Bening, MN
  4. RBCC-Xtreme V Solm Evilseye (Solomon), Rhett, Shanelle, Wyatt & Garett Borth, WI
  5. Willows-Edge GD Modest (Golden Dreams), Jordan Van Dyk, WI
  6. Ms Eskdale Crush Amchan-ET (Crush), Insane Syndicate, MN
  7. Mat-Ar-Dor Diamondback Chloe (Diamondback), Jacob & Aiden Timmer, MN
  8. Bevens-Creek Dman Daria-ET (Doorman), Feltmann Dairy Farms, MN
  9. Hoese Goldwyn Betty-ET (Goldwyn), David & Cindy Hoese, MN
  10. Quad-R Solomon Lady-ET (Solomon), Ryan Smith and Ian & Derek Schwartzlow, WI
  11. DQ-Gode Doorman Alamode (Doorman), Craig Gode, MN
  12. T-Triple-T-ENT Posh-ET (Doorman), Brea Kieffer, MN
  13. MS Allisons MChammer Ariel (MC Hammer), Arnold, Ashley, & Andy Gruenes
  14. Fairmont Jacoby Ash-ET (Jacoby), Loren & Luke Olson, MN
  15. Miss Solomon Nikki (Solomon), Dale Rupprecht & Jerry Muzzy, MN
  16. Lida-Acres Arch Aloha-ET (Archrival), Dana Johnson, MN
  17. Redline Ivanka (1st Grade), Jacob Maier, WI
  18. Harbaugh Kenosha Becki (Kenosha) Craig Harbaugh, IA
  19. GT-RVR-VLY Max Beverly (Barbwire), Crag Gode, MN


2018 Midwest Fall National Summer Yearling Class Winners

Summer Yearling (14):

  1. Crest-View-Acres Hlx Brooke (Helix), Brody Courtney, IA
  2. Lida-Acres Solomon Taylor (Solomon), Dana Johnson, MN
  3. Hardscrabble 1st Grade Glem (1st Grade), Hardscrabble Farms, WI
  4. Stro-Lane Defier Lee (Defiant), Patty Jo & Ronald Strobel, MN
  5. Esperanza-CC Brady Leah (Brady), Hope, Tanner & Peyton Morrison, MN
  6. Mat-Ar-Dor Airlift Ricky (Airlift), Jacob & Aiden Timmer and Andrew Zylstra, MN
  7. Opsal Crush Syeisha (Crush), Roslind & Riley Anderson, WI
  8. Ms Castleholm Pep Alma (Pep-Red), Marty Castleberg & Donald Mayer, WI
  9. Cross-Town Sid Pepper (Sid), Cross-Town Dairy, WI
  10. Pauly-G Okafine Realyn (O Kaffeine), Paul Grulke, WI
  11. Luncrest Kenosha Whack 1892 (Kenosha), Madison Borchardt, WI
  12. T&S-Hilltop Edison 1011 (Edison), Todd & Sue Hendrickson, MN
  13. Ros-Sue-Kle Dback Heide (Diamondback), Ross & Sue Kleingartner, ND
  14. A-Town Chelios Timber (Chelios), Noah Wolle, MN


2018 Midwest Fall National Spring Yearling Class Winners

Spring Yearling (16):

  1. Stranshome Dempsey Tanielle (Dempsey), Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky, MN
  2. Ms Pfaffsway Bm Getyourgoat (Beemer), Kole & Beau Trapp and Olivia Pfaff, WI
  3. Triple-HH Door Breathless (Doorman), Brooke & Summer Hammann, WI
  4. Heatherstone High Class (Crush), Heatherstone Enterprises, WI
  5. Willows-Edge Doorman Lexi (Doorman), Jordan & Claire Van Dyk, WI
  6. Demmers Mario Patience (Mario), Demmer Farms, MN
  7. Redline Royal (Hypnotic), Jacob Maier, WI
  8. Sherona-Hill Ravish (Sanchez), John Marchand, SD
  9. Sonnek Mc Monster (McCutchen), Kyle & Eric Sonnek, mN
  10. Siemers Blake Glaucina-ET (Blake), Arnold, Ashley & Andrew Gruenes, MN
  11. Go-For Crush Muskogee (Crush), Megan Andrist & Jacob Gochnauer, MN
  12. Kest Commander 1804 (Commander), Thoeny Farms, MN
  13. MS Daleford Defy Dee (Defiant), Jerry Muzzy & Keith Kilan, MN
  14. Thorgy-Way Byway Dum Dum (Byway), Jenna Thorgerson, WI
  15. Willows-Edge Rainy Velvet (Barnie), Jacoby Mielke & Arianna Pederson
  16. Stranshome Define Hopefull (Defiant), Seth Pierson, MN


2018 Midwest Fall National Winter Yearling Class Winners

Winter Yearling (11):

  1. DJLPurePride Br Preachit-ET (Brady), Kaylie Zapalac & Melissa Sprecher, WI
  2. Johnan Corvette Danger-ET (Corvette), Brooke & Summer Hamman, WI
  3. Ms Smith-Crest Avlnch Java (Avalanche), Matthew & Kate Smith, MN
  4. Heatherstone Msindependent (Byway), Chelsea Holschbach
  5. Raylore Doorman Avonia (Doorman), Luke Olson, MN
  6. Roll-N-View Armni Applepie (Armani), David Edwards, WI
  7. Lida-Acres Hypnotic Sofia (Hypnotic), Gregory Johnson, MN
  8. Stadview Sid Freya (Sid), Steven, Debra, Danielle & Patrick Heuer, MN
  9. Kest Unix 1787 (Unix), Thoney Farms, MN
  10. Mahoney Doorman Luana (Doorman), Keith & Kay Mahoney, MN
  11. Thorgy-Way Crush Foxy (Crush), Jamie Thorgerson, WI


2018 Midwest Fall National Fall Yearling Class Winners

Fall Yearling (8):

  1. Mahoney Cinderdoor Leandra (Cinderdoor), Keith & Kay Mahoney, MN
  2. Marshland Airlift Hypocrite (Airlift), Marshland Farms, WI
  3. Willows-Edge GD Maryland-ET (Golden Dreams), Bonnie Van Dyk, WI
  4. Cross-Town Impress Iceberg (Impression), Cross-Town Dairy, WI
  5. Mahoney Defiant Rihanna-ET (Defiant), Keith & Kay Mahoney, MN
  6. Schillview-Q A Sweet Baby G (Advent), Charles Schiller & Quentin Scott, MN
  7. T&S-Hilltop Airlift 968 (Airlift), Todd & Sue Henderson, MN
  8. Weis-Way Absolute Ace (Absolute), Anders Pierson, MN


2018 Midwest Fall National Milking Yearling Class Winners

Milking Yearling (5):

  1. Chelsea-BC Brady Angel (Brady), Gale Hoese & Feltmann Dairy Farms, MN
  2. Sheeknoll Sid 2639-ET (Sid), Sheeknoll Farms, MN
  3. Heatherstone Dedicate (Diamondback), Heatherstone Enterprises, WI
  4. Belfontaine Doorman Daisy (Doorman), Douglas Petzel, MN
  5. Heatherstone Ritzy-ET (Doorman), Chelsea Holschbach, WI

Junior Two-Year-Old (14):

  1. Ju-Lar Doorman Penny (Doorman), Lindahl Farms, MN
  2. Stu-Felt Doorman Galaxy (Doorman), Andy Stuewe & Corey Feltmann, MN
  3. Willows-Edge A Maybenot-ET (Absolute), Bonnie Van Dyk, WI
  4. Mat-Ar-Dor Diamondback Dana (Diamondback), Jacob & Aiden Timmer and Andrew Zylstra, MN
  5. Ms Smith-Crest Drmn Lennox (Doorman), Matt & Travis Smith and Seth Nehls, WI
  6. Shir-Man Embassy Icicle (Embassy), Haely & Kayla Leiding, MN
  7. Crisdhome Atwood Dreamon (Atwood), Jake Kruschke, WI
  8. Four-Hands Headline 4350 (Headliner), Four-Hands Holstein, WI
  9. Oakfield Dback Lolita (Diamondback), Tomkins Farm, LLC, WI
  10. Demmers Goldwyn Penny-ET (Goldwyn), Demmer Farms, MN
  11. Roswitha High Octane Jules (High Octane), Roswitha Holsteins, LTD.
  12. Diamond-Vu Alex Aspen (Alexander), Austin, Oliver, Mayda, Conrad, & Shelby Falk, WI
  13. Satellite Archrival Leriva (Archrival), Orbit Farms, MN
  14. Willows-Edge Sid Fanny (Sid), Tyler & Katie Crosby, WI

Senior Two-Year-Old (9):

  1. Lida-Acres Wood Andrea (Wood), Dana Johnson, MN
  2. Sheeknoll Beemer 2596-ET (Beemer), Sheeknoll Farms, MN
  3. JK-Stranshome Defiant Sassy (Defiant), Stransky & Kietzman, MN
  4. Crisdhome Atwood Hardup-TW (Atwood), Crisdhome Farm, WI
  5. Castleholm Armani Aligator (Armani), Marty Castleberg & Donald Mayer, WI
  6. Ros-Sue Kle Kelah (Gold Chip), Ross & Sue Kleingartner, MN
  7. Esperanza-CC Tess (Sid), Peyton & Tanner Morrison, MN
  8. Mahoney Doorman Heavenly (Doorman), Philip Heydmann & Keith Mahoney, MN
  9. Macland TSpruce Julie B-ET (Armani), Arnold, Ashley & Andrew Gruenes, MN

2018 Midwest Fall National Junior Three-Year-Old Cow Class Winners

Junior Three-Year-Old (12):

  1. Oakfield GC Lolita-ET (Gold Chip), Feltmann Dairy Farms, MN
  2. Roswitha Golden Dreams Misty (Golden Dreams), Roswitha Holsteins, MB
  3. Smith-Crest Armni Vivian-ET (Armani), Matthew & Kate Smith, MN
  4. Holmacres McCutchen Hillary (McCutchen), Holmacres Holstein Farm, MN
  5. Heatherstone Just Do It-ET (Byway), Heatherstone Enterprises, WI
  6. Jerland SH Goldwyn Gin-ET (Goldwyn), Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky, MN
  7. Wide-Open Doorman Fairytale (Doorman), Wide Open Holsteins, WI
  8. Willows-Edge Glauco Leisure (Glauco), Bonnie Van Dyk, WI
  9. Heatherstone Brighton (Atwood), Heatherstone Enterprises, WI
  10. Flower-Brook Atwood Gee-ET (Atwood), Andrew Stuewe, MN
  11. Crisdhome Dempsey Nutmeg (Dempsey), Crisdhome Farm, WI
  12. Larochelle Lotus Laurelle-ET, Arnold, Ashley, & Andy Gruenes, MN

Senior Three-Year-Old (11):

  1. Corlane Seaver Misty (Seaver), Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba, CA
  2. Milksource Defnt Tiffany-ET (Defiant), Bonnie Van Dyk and Martin Kinyon, WI
  3. Duckett Doorman Brook-ET (Doorman), David & Cindy Hoese, MN
  4. Heatherstone Cantina (Gold Chip), Heatherstone Enterprises, WI
  5. Crisdhome-LL Windbrk Ashley (Windbrook), Jake Kruschke & Luke Lensmire, WI
  6. Sunkist Corvette Lilly Girl (Corvette), Benjamin Donnay, MN
  7. Willows-Edge Ab Victory (Absolute), Hendrik Van Dyk, WI
  8. Raylore Reginald Emma (Reginald), Loren & Luke Olson, MN
  9. Quad-R Doorman Marceline-ET (Doorman), Jacob Schaefer & Quentin Scott, MN
  10. Cridshome Atw Doctorcherry (Atwood), Crisdhome Farm, WI
  11. Holbric American Dicky-ET (Dickey), Jerry Muzzy & Keith Kilen, MN

    2018 Midwest Fall National Four-Year-Old Cow Class Winners

Four-Year-Old (10):

  1. Eastriver Goldwyn Deb 176 (Goldwyn), Andy Stuewe & Corey Feltmann, MN
  2. Lida-Acres Wood Scarlett (Wood), Gregory Johnson, MN
  3. Willows-Edge Golds Matilda (Goldsun), Jordan Van Dyk, WI
  4. Jacobs Windbrook Dania-ET (Windbrook), Cory Schmidt, MN
  5. Lingle Atwood Fire-ET (Atwood), Christopher Van Dyk & Nathan Goldenberg, WI
  6. Hoese Aftershock Bluevelvet-ET (Aftershock), David & Maemie Hoese, MN
  7. Gat-Dix Amazing Maryland (AltaAmazing), Jessica Gatton-Dixon, MO
  8. Wirtland Atwood Rya (Atwood), Maple Leaf Farm and Loren & Luke Olson, MN
  9. Crisdhome Gchip Troubadour (Gold Chip), Crisdhome Farm, WI
  10. Mahoney Atwood Adeline (Atwood), Keith & Kay Mahoney, MN

2018 Midwest Fall National Five-Year-Cow Class Winners

Five-Year-Old (7):

  1. Wake-Up Aftershock Raine-ET (Aftershock), Aaron Houdek, MN
  2. Winterbay Dude Guinness (Dude), David & Cindy Hoese, MN
  3. Ms Stadview Atwood Felicia (Atwood), Dillon Gratz, MN
  4. Raylore-Satellite Laffy-ET (Windbrook), Loren & Luke Olson, MN
  5. Willows-Edge Atwood Frasia (Atwood), Christopher Van Dyk, WI
  6. Langvale Gold Chip Trixter (Gold Chip), Derek Thorgerson, MN
  7. Savage-Leigh Golden Girl-ET (Goldwyn), Heatherstone Enterprises, WI


2018 Midwest Fall National Aged Cow Class Winners

Aged Cow (5):

  1. Liddleholm-Y H G Rae-ET (Goldwyn), Arnold, Ashley & Andrew Gruenes, MN
  2. Crisdhome Durham Crayola-ET (Durham), Jake Kruschke, WI
  3. Jergens Damion Mango (Damion), Robert Jergens, MN
  4. Lida-Acres Ambition Fiona (Ambition), Seth Rupprecht, MN
  5. Ms Monthurst Shotle Trix-ET (Shottle), Rachael Rott, Henry Bartel & Jerry Muzzy, MN

150,000 Lb Cow (4):

  1. Probert C Bree-Ella-Red (Contender), Kate Smith, MN
  2. Klein-Brook Ernie Valley (Ernie), Chris Schulze, MN
  3. Four-Hands SUper Clorisa (Superstition), Four-Hands Holsteins, WI
  4. Crisdhome Tartini Conceited (AltaTartini), Jake Kruschke, WI

Senior Best Three Females (4):

  1. Lida-Acres, The Johnson Family, MN
  2. Heatherstone Enterprises, WI
  3. Willows-Edge Holsteins, WI
  4. Crisdhome Farm, WI

Produce of Dam (3):

  1. Sheeknoll Farms, MN
  2. Tomkins Farm, WI
  3. Castleholm & Mayerlane, WI

Premier Breeder: Jake Kruschke, WI

Premier Exhibitor: Heatherstone Enterprises, WI