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2018 Futurity Form – Deadline Extended to December 15, 2017!

The Golden Gopher Futurity Program is an exciting program in Minnesota Holstein that many of you may not know about. If you have questions or would like to be involved please look at the application below or call the MHA office at 320-259-0637.

2017 Futurity Form

How do I enter?
• First choose which class you would like to enter animals
• Production – awards handed out at the all-breeds convention
• Type – awards are handed out at the state show
• Look at your animals that were born between August 31st of the previous year and September 1st of the current year.
• Choose any animal that you think has the potential of doing well in their class.
• Fill out the form on page 18 before December 1st 2017.

Fun Facts:

• This years entries are for the 43rd program.
• Past payouts have reached $257. The more entries the higher the payouts, down 25 places.
• There are two classes; Production & Type. You can choose one or both when entering.
• Production awards are presented at the all breeds convention
• The production formula used is on 305 ME’s here is the formula, past 1st -3rd place winners in production have ranged from values of $3,590.02 – $4,796.75.
• Production Formula – (# of Milk x .01) + (# of Fat x 1.15) + (# of Protein x 2.55) = S Value