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2017 World Dairy Expo – Jersey

The following are the MN results at the 2017 International Jersey Show. For a list of full results visit www.worlddairyexpo.com.

Spring Heifer Calf (25)

10)  Stadview Hired Gun Juniper-ET exhibited by Nexgen Dairy – Eden Valley, MN

Winter Heifer Calf (36)

24) Brickton Florent Veridian exhibited by Kristin Reiman – Princeton, MN
35) 17 Jr) Heavenly Magical exhibited by Gigi Polikowsky – Byron, MN

Fall Heifer Calf (38)

27) Discoverys Tequila Jaded-ET exhibited by Lisa Demmer – Ellendale, MN Y
28) Discoverys Tequila Jasmine-ET exhibited by Lisa Demmer – Ellendale, MN
33) Stadview Gunman Jaylyn-ET exhibited by Stadview – Litchfield, MN

Summer Yearling (27)

9) Do-N-Joy Roman Minneapolis exhibited by Tony Kohls – Arlington, MN

Spring Yearling (32)

16) Discoverys Tequila Lynx-ET exhibited by Lisa Demmer – Ellendale, MN
27) Discoverys Tequila Panther-ET exhibited by Lisa Demmer – Ellendale, MN

Fall Yearling (9)

3) Sioux-Kota Secret Vanna exhibited by Kari Schlecht and Andrew Weber – Balaton, MN

Junior Two-Year-Old (29)

19) Blarney-Schlecht Annabell exhibited by Kari Schlecht – Balaton, MN
23) 5th Jr) Brickton Impressive Fascination exhibited by Kristin Reiman and Abby Grimm – Milaca, MN

Senior Two-Year-Old (24)

10) Stadview Premier Loyal-ET exhibited by Marissa Roden – New York Mills, MN
17) Twin Cty Premier Superstar-ET exhibited by Troy & Darin Zoellner – Groton, SD

Junior-Three-Year-Old (17)

13) M-Signature Tequila Vogue exhibited by Tony Kohls –  Arlington, MN

Senior-Three-Year-Old (18)

12) Discoverys Tequila Jaguar exhibited by Lisa Demmer – Ellendale, MN Y
13) Reich-Dale Redpath Stone exhibited by Andrew Stuewe and Richie Heida – Hamburg, MN
16) Lost-Elm Louie Ember exhibited by Stadview – Litchfield, MN

Four-Year-Old (22)

17) Stadview Fire A Brewin exhibited by Stadview – Litchfield, MN

Five-Year-Old (21)

7) Heartland Premier Naples exhibited by Stadview – Litchfield, MN

Six-Year-Old & Older (10)

10) 2nd Jr)  Brickton Legacy Jalie exhibited by Abby Grimm – Milaca, MN

Lifetime Cheese Production (9)

5) Discoverys Tequila Jewelene exhibited by Lisa Demmer – Ellendale, MN