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2017 World Dairy Expo – Brown Swiss

The following are the MN results at the 2017 International Brown Swiss Show. For a list of full results visit www.worlddairyexpo.com.

Spring Heifer Calf (24)

10) Pit-Crew Durham Tuscany exhibited by Pit-Crew Genetics – Cambridge, MN

Winter Heifer Calf (35)

10) Pit-Crew Formula Nellie exhibited by Pit-Crew Genetics – Cambridge, MN
15) Pit-Crew Formula Rosebud-ET exhibited by Pit-Crew Genetics – Cambridge, MN
28) Cozy Valley Bo Twinkle-ET exhibited by Jolene E Schmitz and Lane Nelson – Eden Valley, MN

Summer Yearling Heifer (29)

4)  Pit-Crew Pepper Tyran exhibited by Pit-Crew Genetics – Cambridge, MN
21) Pit-Crew Formula Krunch exhibited by Pit-Crew Genetics – Cambridge, MN

Spring Yearling Heifer (25)

10) Pit-Crew Richard Pizza exhibited by Pit-Crew Genetics – Cambridge, MN

Winter Yearling Heifer (20)

10) Pit-Crew Durham Twiggy exhibited by Pit-Crew Genetics – Cambridge, MN

Fall Yearling Heifer (15)

2) 1st Jr) Siegerts Braiden Sheena exhibited by Coltin, Morgan, Claytin & Mady Wingert -Harmony, MN

Junior Best Three Females (6)

2) Pit Crew Genetics – Cambridge, MN

Junior Two-Year-Old Cow (25)

19)  Fjel-Mar Ddelux Felisha exhibited by Fjel-Mar Dairy, Mark & Diane Fjelstad – Zumbro Falls, MN

Senior Two Year Old Cow (20)

1)  TCC Durham Dolly-OCS exhibited by Bethany Bauer – Hayfield, MN
16) Crystal Ball Bo Cookie exhibited by Jolene E Schmitz and Lane Nelson – Eden Valley, MN
17)  Olsons Brdn Racheal Ryanne exhibited by Aaron Olson – Racine, MN

Senior Three Year Old Cow (18)

14) HF Cadence Aspen exhibited by Hendel Farms – Caledonia, MN

Four Year Old Cow (15)

8) Cozy Valley Whiskey Haze exhibited by Steve Klug & Family – Spring Grove, MN